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Bring order to chaos of content management for conferences and events. The WG events mobile app platform features intuitive navigation and simple workflow to streamline collecting, managing, publishing and marketing event content, and also has the ability to be uniquely-branded for any event.  Designated app admins utilize an Admin Portal (laptop, pictured right) to manage content/text/photos/etc on each page-type. Once content is populated, it automatically and instantly displays in the Mobile App for visitors to see:


All the Information for your Event in one App      
Share information regarding schedule, sessions, planning/maps, expo, workshops, awards & results, mobile alerts, submitted pictures, special guests, sponsors and more! 

The event app can be customized at any time wherever Internet is available. All changes are immediately visible to all users -- No longer do you need to depend on service providers to make small changes to the app; You, yourself, can implement them spontaneously and quickly.

Signing Up and Cost -- Hint: Getting Started is EASY!      
The mobile app is available as a per-event subscription and includes the hosting of the app, text message alerts and the standard domain (URL). If you would like to set up and use your own sub-domain (ex: m.YourURL.org), there is no additional cost, but you will need to access your domain's registrar settings to create that new sub-domain and point it to our servers

Step 1: Email info@wieghatgraphics.com to claim your event mobile app and complete a getting-started questionnaire detailing which page-types and features are needed for your event. Then, in 24-48 hours, we'll have your app branded for your event and ready for Step 2: content population! Once you're ready, Step 3: share the app URL far and wide! 

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